As the nation swiftly approaches the 10th  anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, it is painfully obvious to this scribe that our country and her people will never find closure until some form of authentic justice is administered to the real perpetrators of this heinous act.

An enormous amount of material about 9/11 resides on the internet  both pro and con from the official government version which I know, unequivocally, is a pack of ingenious and inventive lies by the neocon orchestrators themselves and their liberal lackeys to the views of the far left conspiracy theorists.  What this blog will elaborate on is that 9/11 was an ultra-massive conspiracy that consisted of hundreds of individuals working in tandem since 1979 to foment that tragic day.

The primary focus will be the testament of truths about what really happened on that day illustrating in immense detail the how and why and the ultimate agenda that the world by now should realize and understand; the ensuing, bloody aftermath that followed with the endless wars in the middle east and the tanking of the American economy to pay for U.S. hegemony around the world.

We should continue to push for a new independent investigation off American soil and furthermore demand the reinstatement of habeas corpus, posse commitatus and the absolute repeal of Patriot Acts I & II which suspended the constitution since 2001 and abolished our civil liberties and rights as free Americans. 

America still has the opportunity to be a great nation once again, but it will not prevail as long as lies, deceit and obfuscation remain the order of the day by elected officials and the Commander in Chief himself.  

Only the truth can set us free.


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