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The Lies of 9/11 and The Lies of War: Selected Articles and Videos from Global Research

The Lies of 9/11 provide a Pretext and a Justification for Waging a War of Conquest under the Banner of the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) and NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P).

In an era of media disinformation, Global Research has centered on the “unspoken truth”: Acts of war are casually heralded as “humanitarian interventions” under NATO’s R2P geared towards instating “democracy”. Invasion, military occupation and the killing of civilians are presented as “peace-keeping operations.”


Selected Global Research articles and videos

9/11 and Americans’ Remarkable Incapacity for Self-reflection

– by Daniel Patrick Welch – 2011-09-14
Americans so lack the capacity for self-reflection that we apparently prefer to continue to see ourselves as eternal victims instead of the initiators of one insane war after another.
9/11 Foreknowledge and “Intelligence Failures”: “Revealing the Lies” on 9/11 Perpetuates the “Big Lie”

– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-09-14
“Foreknowledge” and “Failure to act” upholds the notion that the terrorist attacks (“act of war”) “waged by Muslims against America” are real, when all the facts and findings point towards coverup and complicity at the highest levels of the US government.
Death of the Republic on 9/11/01

“For Security Reasons” , “Credible and Unconfirmed Reports”…
– by Dr. Bill Friend – 2011-09-17
FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’

– by Spencer Ackerman – 2011-09-16
9/11: What the Telephone Records Reveal about Calls from AA Flight 77: Did Barbara Olson Attempt Any Calls at All?

– by Elizabeth Woodworth – 2011-09-16
September 11 and “The Years of Shame”: Media Lies versus “Moral Conscience”

– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-09-15
9/11 and Americans’ Remarkable Incapacity for Self-reflection

– by Daniel Patrick Welch – 2011-09-14
From the Post Cold War to the Post 9/11 Era: Did 9/11 Really “Change Everything”?

– by Prof. Ismael Hossein-zadeh – 2011-09-14
How the World changed after 9/11

– by Charlie Skelton – 2011-09-13
VIDEO: 7/7: Crime and Prejudice

New full-length documentary now on GRTV
– by Tom Secker – 2011-09-13
The “Critics” of 9/11 Truth. Do They Have a Case?

– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-09-13
All You Need to Know about 9/11 to Prove it was an “Inside Job”

Why You Should Care, and What You Can Do
– by Community – 2011-09-13
“Yesterday” : Yesterday was September 11, 2001. A Tuesday.

– by Barbara Nimri Aziz – 2011-09-13
9/11: Unanswered Questions

– by Wayne Madsen – 2011-09-12
VIDEO: 9/11 Audio Tapes Released, Majority of Records Still Sealed

Tune in for this week’s editon of “Behind the Headlines” on GRTV
– by James Corbett – 2011-09-12
The Truth Behind Post-9/11 Environmental & Health Risks

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-09-12
New Documents Detail America’s Strategic Response to 9/11

Rumsfeld’s War Aim: “Significantly Change the World’s Political Map”
– by National Security Archive – 2011-09-12
A Counter-Narrative Challenges the Official 9/11 Story

– by Danny Schechter – 2011-09-12
Does 9/11 Truth Have A Chance?

“In America Respect for Truth is Dead”
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-09-12
The Endless “War on Terror,” or How America exposed Itself

– by Konstantin Bogdanov – 2011-09-12

A Carefully Research Documentary
– by James Corbett – 2011-09-11
9/11 ANALYSIS: Airplanes Have Been Flown By Remote Control Since 1917

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-09-11
9/11 and the Fallacy of Terrorism

– by Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja – 2011-09-11
Was President Bush Complicit in 9/11 or 9/11 Coverups?

– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-09-11
Unending “9/11s”: “A Sad Kind of Freedom.”

– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2011-09-11
The Victims of 9/11: Waging War “In Their Name”

– by Devon DB – 2011-09-11
9/11 Paved the Way for America’s Permanent Wars of Aggression

– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-09-11
911’s Footprint on America ten years later on KPFA

– by Peter Phillips, Mike Huff – 2011-09-14